Ceramic Tiles

Magic Touch Flooring produces a wide range of products in the Ceramic Tiles with products such as Wall Tiles and Floor tiles, High Gloss Rectified Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles, Decors, Listellos, Pencils & Capping, Floor Mosaics and Borders & Corners. Tiles are manufactured in a variety of sizes, from 10x10 cm up to 125x185 cm, the widest range offered in the ceramic field.


Terrazzo floors give a very special and stylish look to your house. Your guests and friends can be impressed by it only if you manage to maintain it well. You can do it yourself and you can do it right. The only thing you need is to be familiar with some useful tips. The first thing to do is to get provided with the needed materials.

Decorative Epoxy

Decorative Epoxy Flake System is a seamless, decorative yet functional and durable concrete resurfacing and industrial flooring system. This epoxy based decorative flooring system is composed of colored vinyl chips laid into a 100 percent solids epoxy base coat and sealed with a clear, high gloss, chemical resistant top coat. Decorative flake systems can be installed from 1/16â to a 1/8â thick. Decorative epoxy flooring can be constructed to create a variety of textures ranging from rough to smooth. Decorative flake flooring can also incorporate a seamless, sanitary cove base. Decorative systems offer endless color choices and combinations to blend in with any environment.